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Abolition: A Journal of Insurgent Politics


Abolition Journal is not currently accepting submissions at this time. If a call is made for new submissions, it will be posted here and on our social media accounts.

Current Issue

No. 1Abolishing Carceral Society

Published December 1, 2018

Issue description

Beyond border walls and prison cells—carceral society is everywhere. In a time of mass incarceration, immigrant detention and deportation, rising forms of racialized, gendered, and sexualized violence, and deep ecological and economic crises, abolitionists everywhere seek to understand and radically dismantle the interlocking institutions of oppression and transform the world in which we find ourselves. These oppressions have many different names and histories and so, to make the impossible possible, abolition articulates a range of languages and experiences between (and within) different ... See the full issue

Abolishing Carceral Society, Issue One of Abolition Journal, Cover Design by Josh MacPhee

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