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No 1 (2018): Abolishing Carceral Society, 124-133

We Don’t Need No Education: Deschooling as an Abolitionist Practice

December 1, 2018


Those of us who want prison abolition must consider a call, simultaneously, to deschool society. This intervention describes how the system of education is complicit in the propagation of neoliberal capitalist imperialism, and also points to the relationship between education, diversity, death and debt.

Author Biography

Sujani K. Reddy is an associate professor of American Studies at SUNY the College at Old Westbury. She is the author of Nursing and Empire: Gendered Labor and Migration from India to the United States (UNC Press, 2015) and a coeditor of The Sun Never Sets: South Asians in an Age of U.S. Power (NYU Press, 2013) Both books were also published by Orient BlackSwan in South Asia. You can listen to Who Makes Cents? podcast with Sujani Reddy on the history of nursing and empire.