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No 1 (2018): Abolishing Carceral Society, 167-170

Check One

December 1, 2018


As an activist, poet, musician, and more, I focus on the lived ex- periences of race in America through several mediums. My work centers on Black and Latinx experiences with a special emphasis on Hip-Hop, spoken word, narratives, and identity politics. Through a unique style of mixing political commentary, personal experience, and poetry, I do my best to challenge the idea that we live distinct political, social, and economic lives.

I believe that art and especially, writing, has the power to challenge popular narratives that structure peoples’ lives. I spend a great deal of time exploring the themes of liminality, power, and the intentionally constructed narrative. I utilize liminal experiences as lenses that reflect back on the worlds that create these experiences. Instead of either/or world perspectives, I examine the multifaceted, complex world of “and.” I ask and attempt to answer: what happens when we consider all of ourselves simultaneously rather than in isolated, limiting snapshots? How do the ways that we classify ourselves affect our agency in the world? Lastly, and most importantly, are the labels that are provided for us sufficiently capturing our experiences and if not, what do we lose when we accept these labels and all their baggage?

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