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No 1 (2018): Abolishing Carceral Society, 228-231

I Seen Something

December 1, 2018

Author Biography

Maximus Parthas (born in 1964 in Paterson, NJ) is a modern day abolitionist, activist, spoken word artist, and mentor. He is a vi- sionary who doesn’t mind speaking his mind and facing the ugly truths of modern day slavery head-on via the use of public platforms such as social media, broadcast radio, spoken word poetry, and videography. Parthas endeavors to enlighten and educate his audiences by gifting them with poetic images that leave them searching for truth.

His “in your face” honesty and passion act as a double edged sword that will force you to open your eyes and see the world for what it is (minus the rose-colored glasses); especially when it comes to the topic of modern day slavery and the prison industrial system. He has won numerous awards and accolades and is well-respected in the spoken word industry, both nationally and internationally. He has appeared on stage with poetry giants, Emmy, Peabody and Grammy award winner(s), Hollywood actors and Hip-Hop artists alike. His work has appeared in anthologies, CDs, and numerous publications.

Maximus Parthas currently resides in Columbia, SC.